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Join #AllofUs in the #NYC Streets on Thursday at 4pm

The era of a New York City run by and for the 1% is coming to a close and it’s time for us to take to the streets and demand Bloomberg and his friends get out of the way.

Join with community activists, union members, students, teachers, fast food workers, faith leaders and many others for a massive citywide mobilization in Foley Square on December 5th. We are demanding the Robin Hood Tax, universal pre-K for all children, good wages for all workers, affordable housing, quality healthcare, an end to inequality and the tale of two cities and the start of one New York that works for #AllOfUs. We are not broke, we are twisted, and all the resources are in front of us, if the 1% will agree willingly to step away from their hoarding in favor of a sustainable world.

We have done a lot of work in battling the propaganda of the 1% and raising issues of inequality, but it is not enough. This is why we continue the work that brought us to Zuccotti. We continue to fight and raise our voices with the 99% of this city who are tired of the greed of big corporations, Wall Street, and the rest of the 1%.

It is our hope that we will serve as an example for the rest of the world. We want New York City to be the model for communities in which class war is carried out in lack of funding for education, racial profiling, food insecurity, and lack of housing.

For too long working people have been disregarded. But this is our moment. Last month we made our voices heard and our message was clear. We want an end to the tale of two cities. We want a New York that works for all of us.

Meet us:

When: Thursday December 5th at 4pm

Where: Foley Square, Manhattan, NY

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